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Pomoc - Regulamin


On the left side of the window is a list of the sections of our market. For seeing subsections choose the name of the return to the menu choose Return or Back. If there is no subsections, then in the right side of the window will apear a list of available products in this section.

If You want to look closer to any article choose its photo and it will apear in bigger window. After seeing the big photo You should close the window.

On the right side of every article are four areas:a

COLOR- possibility of choosen the color

SIZE -possibility of choosen the size

NUMBER - possibility of choosen the number (amonut) of the articles

ADD to BASKET - to add the article to Your basket

After puttingthe first article to the basket in down-left corner will apear two bottoms: contents of basket and go to cash, and below price of the shopping You have made already. Choose contents of basket to see what do You have now in Your basket, choose go to cash if You have finished shopping and want to make an order.There will apear a sheet, You must fill in with Your data.

Costs of sending
Anita Berg Company sedns all the packages by Polish post.
Cost of sending is 90 PLN (1EURO = 4,3 PLN )

Time of realization of the order
In trade description there is an information on time of realization but usualy when we are sending our products abroad the time amounts 14-28 work days.

Articles sending by Anita Berg are wraped up very discreetly, no one can see whats inside.