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Bedroom Party
Symbol: OR05610610000
Color: Violet
Fabric: PVC
Weight: 0.45 kg
Price:  158.01 PLN
Unit: Sztuka
Available:  Yes
Shipping: 24/72h
Waiting for delivery
14-28 days


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5-piece purple lovetoy set. Content:
soft penis vibrator (14 cm, Ř 2-3.5 cm)
vibrating soft plug (9 cm, Ř 2 cm)
gliding-friendly vibro bullet (6 cm, Ř 2.5 cm)
elastic cock ring with clit stimulator (5.5 cm long) to insert into the vibro bullet.
All love toys (except cock ring) with cable connection to the handy control unit.
Batteries are included.

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