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Mystery Card Game
Symbol: GR003-0006
Price:  13.00 PLN
Unit: Sztuka
Available:  Yes
Shipping: 24/72h
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14-28 days


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Do you want to deepen their knowledge of building a strong emotional connection?
You are open to the love affairs and new challenges?
With this game, develop and umocnicie mutual love, and your relationship will be enriched by new experiences

game includes cards, which are descriptions of small and large pleasures and love
surprises and gestures that you do in secret for himself
Imagine that for a week in a completely unexpected moments
find a flower with a love confession from a partner or for a time he reads your pillow at night to your favorite book.
Imagine that you get the mms working partner with spicy photo and an invitation to a meeting or when preparing it for you warm bath and myself for dessert.
Imagine that, together, via e-mail you write erotic stories, describing the behavior of the characters, or one day you have to communicate without using words.
In this game there is no losers! Both gain the joy of fun and pleasure of self-giving amorous gestures.
Mystery: Home - offers a wide range of proven techniques Loving Home - inspired to strive for a feeling of a partner, which are the basis of mutual attraction, Home - helps to defuse the growing tension in the relationship for years, Home - provides the skills to express their own feelings and understanding of mutual needs and expectations.
Love the effects of joint effort will become permanent.

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